The Digital Imaging Process

During the production of your logo umbrella, your logo, text or image will be applied onto awning-grade 100% solution-dyed acrylic or polyester fabric using inkjet digital printing.

Our inkjet printing process creates unique umbrellas with entire canopy, full-panel digital images. Unlike our heat-bonded printing, our inkjet printing process prints your logo or image directly onto solid white fabric to ensure precise coloring. For inkjet printing, we offer 10 oz. Sunbrella® Inkjet White awning-grade fabric as well as an 8 oz. polyester fabric. Both fabrics are solid white and feature an ink-receptive coat on one side. It is worth noting that because inkjet printed images are printed on solid white fabric, the printed side will feature the image while the opposite side will remain white.

What image format is required for printing?

We only accept vectorized EPS or Adobe Illustrator (AI) files. We cannot accept GIF, JPG, PSD, etc., as these files will not produce a graphic resolution high enough for our printing. However, we will accept GIF, JPG, PSD, etc. files to create your logo umbrella proof only.