How To Repair An Umbrella Frame

Let's face it! No matter what you do, how secure you make the umbrellas, or how much you watch over them; umbrellas will break eventually.

The most common area of the umbrella to break is the rib (or some refer to is as the arm). There are several easy steps to repairing your umbrella:

  1. Remove the finial (decorative ball/topper) from the umbrella.
  2. Pull the canopy from the end tips.
  3. Remove canopy from umbrella frame.
  4. Unscrew Upper Hub Ring (located at the top of the umbrella, just below where the finial was attached). Make sure all the upper rib connections stay intact except the one you are replacing.
  5. Place replacement rib in its location and tighten upper hub ring.
  6. Flip frame upside-down and unscrew lower hub ring (located at the base of the lower hub-the part the moves up and down the center pole).
  7. Remove damaged rib making sure all the lower rib connections stay intact. Replace lower hub ring.
  8. Place canopy over the top of the frame and begin placing rib tips back in their pockets.
  9. Place Finial back on your umbrella.

Your umbrella should be as good as new!