Commercial-Grade Umbrellas

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Commercial-Grade Umbrellas

From small logo patio umbrellas to giant structural umbrellas, Umbrella Source provides commercial customers with the exact shade solution they need. We offer heavy-duty commercial market, beach, and patio umbrellas with optional logo printing. We also have offset, or cantilever umbrellas, structural umbrellas, and lifeguard umbrellas. Our umbrellas are constructed of durable commercial-grade fiberglass, aluminum, and wood frames with canopies made from strong awning-grade fabrics like Recasens®, Outdura®, and Sunbrella®.

Logo and Inkjet Printing

Our commercial logo umbrellas are perfect for marketing brands and products, promoting businesses, and displaying restaurant names. We can add your logo to most any of our umbrellas. Our Sunbrella® Graphics System heat-bonded logo application ensures a crisp, clean display of your company logo. We also offer inkjet printing, perfect for vibrant, full-canopy images.

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