Custom Patio Umbrellas, Cantilever Umbrellas, Market Umbrellas, & Beach Umbrellas

At Umbrella Source, we provide you with the best cantilever umbrellas, patio umbrellas, and market umbrellas for all commercial and residential applications. We can customize any umbrella with your logo. Do you need your logo printed on custom restaurant umbrellas for your grand opening? Maybe you just need to make one custom Market Umbrella with a wind vent for your backyard. No order is too big or too small! Be sure to view our large selection of Cantilever Umbrellas, also referred to as offset or sidepost umbrellas, as well as our fiberglass umbrellas and umbrella accessories!

The Highest Quality Custom Patio Umbrellas

Many companies and sites offering patio umbrellas buy large quantities of umbrellas made in China — allowing them to offer a limited selection of prefabricated umbrellas at low costs. As a result, customers have to replace their patio umbrellas every year or so. At Umbrella Source, we believe in putting quality first, with a strong emphasis on providing options and satisfying your needs. When you place an umbrella order, we build it to your specifications! We offer fiberglass, aluminum and wood umbrella frames. Create your unique umbrella canvas by choosing from our top-quality acrylic fabrics like Recasens, Outdura, and Sunbrella™ fabrics. All of our Recasens and Sunbrella™ fabrics come with a 10-year warranty against fading, which makes them the most durable fabrics available on the market today!

Patio Umbrellas, Beach Umbrellas and Market Umbrellas: What's the Difference?

Patio umbrellas have a decorative valance

Patio Umbrellas have valances, which add a decorative touch and can display company logos and slogans. Patio umbrellas are a more economical option for when shade is more important than a high-grade frame.

Beach umbrellas feature a spiked base

Beach Umbrellas are closely related to patio umbrellas, as they also have valances. The difference is that some beach umbrellas feature a spiked base for easy mounting into sand.

Market umbrellas do not have valances

Market Umbrellas do not have valances, but they do feature wind vents. Market umbrellas work well in restaurant and commercial applications; not having a valance makes it easier to sit under an umbrella at a smaller table. Our market umbrella frames are higher in quality than our patio umbrella frames, which makes them ideal for situations where umbrellas are likely to take more punishment. These umbrellas are also perfect for printing your company logos on the umbrella fabric.

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