Light Up the Night with Your Umbrella

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After the sun has set and nighttime begins, there is no reason to let the good times come to an end. There is no longer a need to close and put away your patio umbrella for after hours. Umbrella lights provide ample illumination to keep the party going.

Umbrella lights are the perfect accessory to light up your evening while giving your outdoor space an attractive, elegant touch. With two styles to choose from, these lights are sure to extend the length of your outdoor fun. Lighted bars fit on the lower ribs of your umbrella frame with a small white cord extending from the battery pack. The round adjustable lights are completely cordless and fit around the pole of your umbrella regardless of the size and come in 8" and 9" diameters. The lights are very inconspicuous and well-hidden, making them ideal for any occasion from small gatherings to large social events. These LED umbrella lights provide powerful light without the heat of incandescent bulbs, so there is no unnecessary worry over damaging your canopy. The LED bulbs also do not attract most insects, giving you a pleasant nighttime experience. Additionally, these lights are battery operated with a weather-proof battery casing that is not bulky or unsightly. Umbrella lights are very easy to install and to maintain.

Whether you choose lighted bars or round adjustable lights, these lighting solutions should supply you with countless hours of illumination to keep you entertaining throughout the night.