To Have and To Hold: Wedding Umbrellas

Black Wedding Umbrella
Wedding umbrellas are great accessories for the wedding party.

Some of the most enjoyable events during the spring and summer are outdoor weddings. Outdoor weddings give guests the chance to mingle with old friends and new acquaintances while delighting in the beautiful weather. However, the weather is unpredictable and can potentially ruin a special day. Wedding planning causes stress and with weather instability, wedding anxiety can become overwhelming. Also, wedding guests can occasionally be difficult to please, which only adds to nervousness on the big day. One of the best ways to overcome the strain of pleasing guests and providing convenient weather protection is by adding wedding umbrellas to your wedding décor. Wedding umbrellas are ideal for shielding the bridal party and guests from beaming UV sun rays or a heavy downpour. While wedding umbrellas are exceptionally functional, they can also make an excellent addition to your wedding décor.

Wedding umbrellas have several uses and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. White hand-held umbrellas are perfect for bridesmaids in the event of rain or hot sun. Bridesmaid umbrellas are made of durable aluminum with a ruffled white lace canopy that matches any color scheme. These umbrellas can be kept by bridesmaids as a gift from the bride. Black hand-held umbrellas pair perfectly with tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen.

Other popular wedding umbrellas are the large white beach, patio, and market umbrellas. White beach wedding umbrellas protect guests against the sun and look beautiful on the beach. These wedding umbrellas do not require a stand and can simply be placed in the sand. Much like beach umbrellas, patio umbrellas feature the same shape, but are used for shading on hard surfaces requiring an umbrella stand. Both of these umbrellas have hanging valances that can have any monogram or name printed. Like patio umbrellas, market wedding umbrellas require umbrella stands and can be placed around reception tables. Market umbrellas, along with the designer wedding umbrellas, feature a versatile straight-line design. Market wedding umbrellas can also be printed with monograms or names on the canopy.

Whether your wedding umbrella is a hand-held rain umbrella or a large market umbrella, it is sure to be of good use at your wedding. Guests will be pleased to find shade or shelter. The best thing about wedding umbrellas is that they can be used again and again and serve as a reminder of that special day.