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1.5" Pole
1.5" Pole & 2" Pole Options
2.75" Neck Diameter
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Secure your umbrella with one of our premium umbrella bases or stands. We offer a variety of free-standing bases, in-ground mount and surface mount stands, and convenient rolling stands. We also feature umbrella base shells that can be filled on site with weighted material.

The general rule of thumb is you need 10 pounds of base for every foot of umbrella. So for instance, a 7.5' umbrella should have at least a 75 pound base for security and stability. This is not a hard and fast rule as in many instances, a 50 lb. base is sufficiet for a 7.5' umbrella if you take it down during high winds and inclement weather. For more info, Please be sure to read our informational guide on umbrella stands to determine the precise weight for your umbrella stand.