• ITEM: US-409-B2SKE

Sunset 18' Hexagonal Skyspan Retractable Umbrella Structure

Sunset Skyspan Umbrella
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Skyspan Frame Colors

Light Yellow - 32
Light Yellow frame
Yellow - 31
Yellow frame
Orange - 21
Orange frame
Red - 11
Red frame
Fuchsia - 72
Fuchsia frame
Pink - 71
Pink frame
Wine - 12
Wine frame
Purple - 61
Purple Frame
Dark Purple - 62
Dark Purple frame
Black - 01
Black frame
Grey - 02
Grey Frame
White - 03
White frame
Tan - 05
Tan frame
Teal Blue - 54
Teal Blue frame
Sky Blue - 52
Sky blue frame
Cobalt Blue - 51
Cobalt Blue frame
Royal Blue - 53
Royal blue frame
Dark Green - 41
Dark green frame
Light Green - 42
Light green frame
Spring Green - 43
Spring Green frame
Teal Green - 44
Teal green frame

Umbrella Sizes

The number of panels on the umbrella

Skyspan Awning Midnight Blue (502-2161)
Open Fabric Gallery
Frame Color
Add Umbrella Cover
Add Umbrella Pole Height

Product Information

The Sunset 18' Hexagonal Retractable Umbrella Structure is Skyspan's most popular range of umbrellas. These retractable umbrellas are engineered to withstand winds of up to 75mph when opened and 93mph when retracted. The brilliance of this range is that in high winds or ominous weather, the umbrellas can be retracted in moments, so easy a small child could do it. The unique gearing mechanism concealed inside the umbrella column allows the umbrellas to be retracted effortlessly and smoothly with a removable handle, ideal for cafes and restaurants that require a retractable structure.

All of our umbrella structures are 100% UV rated and waterproof. The canopy is also available in a large range of stunning colors to match any decor. The structure consists of an aluminum frame and stainless steel hardware. The PVC coated flame retardant fabric of the umbrella prevents airborne dust and pollution from going through the fabric, making it virtually self-cleaning. A stainless steel cable is concealed into the perimeter of the canopy to give the classic curved profile that makes the look of Skyspan so appealing. The Sunset Skyspan canopy comes with your Ferrari fabric color choice!

Special Features:

  • 18' Hexagonal Canopy
  • 4mm Post Wall Thickness
  • 5mm Umbrella Arm Thickness
  • Withstands winds up to 75mph when opened; 93mph when retracted
  • UV treated
  • Waterproof
  • Heat reflective: significantly reduces temperature of covered area
  • Fully retractable
  • Aluminum frame
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Fully welded membrane
  • Improves visibility and appearance of any setting
  • Stainless steel edge cable for even tension of roof material
  • Removable handle (with stop) to raise and lower canopy
  • Pre-wired internally to allow both up and down lighting
  • Optional umbrella cover available
  • Two umbrella pole height options
  • 10 Year anti-rust policy
  • 2 year warranty on canopy
  • 5 year warranty on frame
  • Made in America

The Skyspan Sunset "Easy Wind" retractable system has been specifically engineered to be low maintenance. The original and innovative rack and pinion gear mechanism ensures ease of operation for years, and the anti-jam crank lift allows canopies to be opened or closed in minutes. The unique locking mechanism allows the umbrella to be locked in the open position for safety when used in public spaces. Removable handle leaves a clean aesthetic appearance and prevents guests and staff from operating without authorization.

Custom Umbrella Structures are also available. Please contact our friendly customer service department at 800.278.4480 to build your quote today!

Assembled Dimensions: 144 × 216 × 216 inches
Shipping Dimensions: 119 × 19.50 × 19.50 inches
Approximate Shipping Weight: 335 pounds
Ships within: 6 to 7 weeks
Shipping: Calculated in Cart
Carrier Select: You have the option to use your own freight carrier. Call 800-278-4480 to take advantage of this option.