Choosing the Right Umbrella Stand

How heavy should my umbrella stand be?

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Optimal umbrella stand, or umbrella base, weights depend on the size of your umbrella. If you have a large umbrella, or if the umbrella will be used in high-traffic commercial applications, or if you will be using the umbrella in a high-wind area, we say the heavier the umbrella stand the better. The general rule is, the larger the umbrella, the heavier your stand needs to be. A good way to determine the minimum weight for your umbrella stand is to multiply the width of your umbrella canopy by 10.

For example, for a 7.5' umbrella we recommend using a 75 lb. umbrella stand; a 9' umbrella will require at least an 90 lb. umbrella stand.

Will my umbrella pole fit in the base?

Inside Diameter of Umbrella Stand
The "inside diameter" of an
umbrella stand should meet or exceed
the size of your umbrella's pole.

Umbrella stands come in a variety of "neck" or "sleeve" diameters. When selecting an appropriate umbrella stand, you will need to know the exact diameter of your umbrella's center pole. Umbrella stand neck or sleeve diameters slightly larger than the diameter of the umbrella pole are capable of supporting smaller umbrella poles. Umbrella Source offers several umbrella stands to choose from to fit your umbrella pole perfectly.

Does my umbrella stand need to be mounted?

Mountable Umbrella Base
Camlock Umbrella Stand from Frankford

Depending on the application or the size of your umbrella, a mounted umbrella stand may be a more suitable option. Mounted umbrella stands provide heavy-duty support and stability for your umbrella, no matter the canopy size. Umbrella stands can be mounted two ways: in-ground or surface mount.

Surface mount stands are ideal for securing large umbrellas, as well as umbrellas in substantial wind or high traffic areas. Surface mount umbrella stands are semi-permanent, making them a great option for heavy-duty support with optional removal. Surface mount stands feature pre-drilled holes that allow for easy setup on wooden decks or concrete slabs. For deck mounts, these stands are bolted through the wood and are typically secured by a base plate underneath the deck surface. In concrete slab applications, the stand is bolted directly into the concrete.

The in-ground mount umbrella stand offers a permanent solution for securing your umbrella. In-ground stands provide a stable base for any application that may require heavy-duty support. These umbrella stands require a concrete footing installation to anchor the stand in place.

The supportive sleeves on both surface and in-ground mount umbrella stands can be removed and replaced with a base plate. This provides a safe, flush surface when your umbrella is not in use.

Will I need to add weight to my umbrella stand?

Empty Umbrella Stand Shell
Some umbrella stands must be filled
on-site with sand, gravel or concrete.

Depending on the umbrella stand selected, additional weight may be required. Some of our umbrella stands are empty shells that need to be filled with concrete, gravel, or sand. While pre-filled umbrella stands are convenient options, they cost more in shipping due to their heavy weight. Umbrella stand shells are lightweight, thus providing a less expensive alternative. Filling an umbrella stand shell is relatively easy. Check out our How to Fill a Base with Concrete guide for more information on filling your stand.

Please be sure to read the product information carefully for fill material requirements.

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